First day in HongKong

Pictures and so on comes as soon as I get a better WiFi!!
So folks, a little bit late but here is the first post out of China 🙂

On Saturday afternoon we landed in Hongkong and meet our friend Karsten from the Rhein-Waal FabLab. The original plan was to get directly to the hotel, check in and heading back to hongkong, visit the town. Just make a plan…

Our Visa says “number of entries: 1”,so in fact if we travel from Shenzhen back to Hongkong we can not come back to Shenzhen.

New plan: visit Hongkong directly after about 30 hours flying around the globe 😀

By train we drove to Kowloon, the “living area” of Hongkong.

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There we met the whole Rhein-Waal team after running thru a labyrinth of a mall…
Thanks got Johnathan is in the RW-Team, a native chinese. Without him we were totally lost… He guided us thru Hongkong into a wonderfull park. Do you spot the flamingos and turtles?

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Then we took a trip thru a shopping street to Victoriaharbor and made a short brake.

Took the boat on the other side and walked over Hongkong Island. 

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Johnathan guided us to a restaurant famous for its DimSum. And it was really really tasty! DimSum are small pieces of dough filled with different things like shrimps, pork, all kind of vegetables…


Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360de – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Took the metro to Shenzhen-border and realized that we are on the last train before the border closes. When we changed the train-line we lost Marcel. He used a taxi then to get to Shenzhen, but this is a story he should write him self about 😉

In Shenzhen I tooked a taxi to get to our hotel. Johnathan explained the driver where to go cause the driver didn’t spoke a single word in English. And I came like it had to come: he drove me the wrong hotel. To realize this it tooks about 15 minute, because also the women in the hotel didn’t spoke english 🤔

Took the next taxi to the right hotel and meet there with marcel, room is ok but the hotel doesn’t have the promised breakfast. So our breakfast-location will be the Starbucks 50m away. 

After about 48 hours without sleeping we slept like baby’s… Next day is a new post 🙂

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